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Sacred Forests: The Olympics Land on South Korea


This week, we give a preview of the Winter Olympics with Jules Boykoff, co-author of Power Games: A Political History of the Olympics. We also talk about the geopolitics surrounding the games, the destruction of sacred spaces in South Korea brought on by the Olympics, and whether we can expect athlete protests this year.

During Choice Words, we’ll examine comments made by recent Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles on the topic of a White House visit. Legendary goalkeeper Neville Southall gets a Just Stand Up Award from us for comments made to the Financial Times about economic inequality and racism and Mike Pence does Mike Pence things, earning another Sit Your Ass Down! award.  As always, we’ve got a Kaepernick watch and more on this week’s show!

Jules Boykoff

Twitter: @JulesBoykoff

Zirin, Dave Why So Many Philadelphia Eagles Are Rejecting This White House

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Understanding the Split in the NFL Players Movement


This week, we try and understand the splits in the players coalition that has been negotiating with the NFL over the anti-racist protests taking place during the national anthem. We speak with Tamishia Moats, wife of former NFL player Ryan Moats, whose experiences with police violence became national news in 2009.

And what a week it was, we have THREE Just Stand Up award winners including an NFL player and a Winter Olympics living legend. As always, we dole out our Just Sit Down nominee who needs to take all the seats and we end on a high note, your Kaepernick Watch.

Tamishia Moats
, Director of Development at Texas Legends

Zirin, Two Different Paths, Two Different Goals: Understanding the Rift in the NFL’s ‘Player’s Coalition’

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