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Real Olympic Drama: Caster Semenya, Feyisa Lilesa and Rio. Guest: Katrina Karkazis of Stanford Med School

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As Feyisa Lilesa of Ethiopia crossed the finish line to win silver in the olympic marathon in Rio, he raised his arms and crossed them above his head in protest against his own government. With this simple act, Lilesa brought the world’s attention to the plight of his Oromo people and the struggle to keep their land out of Ethiopia’s ruling party’s hands. Feyisa Lilesa has etched himself into Olympic protest history and we salute him with the ‘Just Stand Up’ award. But first, I speak with scholar Katrina Karkazis about Caster Sememya. Not only did the South African blaze past all her competitors for gold in the women’s 800 meters, Semenya did so under the most intense media scrutiny, while guarded by an ever-present security detail, and with her sport’s governing bodies, the IOC and IAAF, still governing women’s bodies in invasive and illogical ways. ’Choice Words’ is about the real Olympic drama, which begins now that the games are over. And finally, we hear from listeners who called the Edge of Sports hotline at: (401) 236-3343 (EDGE). This week, we want to know: who was your most iconic athlete or performance of the Rio Games? And why?

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John Carlos & Wyomia Tyus LIVE from Cal State East Bay

This week on Edge of Sports, we have two sports/politics legends of 1968 and we speak to them in front of 500 people in a packed Oakland auditorium. They are DR. JOHN CARLOS, who raised his fist on the medal stand in Mexico City along with Tommie Smith, and the great WYOMIA TYUS, the first person to ever win back-to-back 100 meter gold at the Olympic games in 1964 and 1968. Ms. Tyus also stood in solidarity with John Carlos and Tommie Smith although that has been written out of most mainstream histories. This week’s column read is on “The Hidden History of Muhammad Ali and the Black Panthers” and we give our “Just Stand Up Award” to the Jayhawks: aka the people in the Athletic Department at the University of Kansas.

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