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Kevin Durant Chooses His Own Adventure. Guest: Sekou Smith of

The Sports World is buzzing about NBA star’s Kevin Durant’s move from Oklahoma City to the Golden State Warriors. We break it down - the basketball and the political sides of this deal - with’s own Sekou Smith. Then, in front of a live audience, I do a talk about the political lessons of the Mizzou football strike against racism. Finally, the Just Stand Up award to Olympic swimmer Anthony Ervin.

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Michael Sam: The first openly gay man in the NFL looks back, plans ahead

Michael Sam, the first openly gay player drafted into the NFL, tells his fascinating story to Dave Zirin, on-stage at University of Colorado Denver. Despite a great college career at Mizzou and slot in the 2014 draft, Sam hasn’t found a home in the NFL. Today on Edge of Sports, Michael Sam weighs the undeniable good he has done for society with honest reflections on what could have been different. Then, our ‘Just Stand Up’ award goes to Julie DiCaro,who, along with fellow journalist Sarah Spain, helped to call out sexist internet trolls with the powerful video ‘More Than Mean’ shot by the ‘Just Not Sports Podcast.’ We salute you.

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