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Road To Rio, Russia, and The Grief Of The Khans. Guest: David Larkin

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The Olympics are here and as I head to Rio, Edge of Sports has David W. Larkin, an attorney who focuses on the corruption of sports organizations like the International Olympic Committee, about the decision to not suspend Russia from the Olympics. We ask him which is more corrupt: the IOC or FIFA? His analysis may surprise you. We also have some “choice words” about the Rio Olympics - of course - and why ten years ago, almost no one thought having Brazil as a host was a bad idea. But I start the show by speaking about the Khan family, and remember when a Gold Star Mother was attacked ten years ago because she stood up to the war that took her son’s life. I speak about Cindy Sheehan. The Just Stand Up award goes to activist WNBA players who refused to bow to NBA and WNBA chiefs Adam Silver and Lisa Borders, and won.

David W. Larkin, esq.
Larkin’s talk at the American Bar Association Meeting: “Corruption’s New Arena: International Sports in a Post-FIFA World” 3:30 PM Moscone Center West, 3rd Floor, Room 3014, San Francisco, CA
Court of Arbitration for Sport
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