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Real Olympic Drama: Caster Semenya, Feyisa Lilesa and Rio. Guest: Katrina Karkazis of Stanford Med School

(photo: Adrian Dennis/ AFP - Getty Images)

As Feyisa Lilesa of Ethiopia crossed the finish line to win silver in the olympic marathon in Rio, he raised his arms and crossed them above his head in protest against his own government. With this simple act, Lilesa brought the world’s attention to the plight of his Oromo people and the struggle to keep their land out of Ethiopia’s ruling party’s hands. Feyisa Lilesa has etched himself into Olympic protest history and we salute him with the ‘Just Stand Up’ award. But first, I speak with scholar Katrina Karkazis about Caster Sememya. Not only did the South African blaze past all her competitors for gold in the women’s 800 meters, Semenya did so under the most intense media scrutiny, while guarded by an ever-present security detail, and with her sport’s governing bodies, the IOC and IAAF, still governing women’s bodies in invasive and illogical ways. ’Choice Words’ is about the real Olympic drama, which begins now that the games are over. And finally, we hear from listeners who called the Edge of Sports hotline at: (401) 236-3343 (EDGE). This week, we want to know: who was your most iconic athlete or performance of the Rio Games? And why?

Katrina Karkazis: |
The Guardian: “The ignorance aimed at Caster Semenya flies in the face of the Olympic spirit”
New African Magazine: “Feyisa Lilesa: the new symbol of Ethiopian resistance”
The Nation:  This Rio Olympic Medalist Risked His Life to Show Solidarity
Feyisa Lilesa crowdfunding:
The Nation:  Now That the Games Are Over, the Real Olympic Drama Begins in Rio

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Sea'ad Awwal “Nama Nyaata” for Feyisa Lilesa By Raya Studio 2016

The Other Olympic Rio with Favela Activist Theresa Williamson

(photo: Zach Zill)

In the run-up to Brazil’s year of mega-events, Theresa Williamson made her website into an essential independent news source. In our final Olympics podcast, Theresa Williamson joins me for a wide-ranging and insightful talk that you will not find on any other show. We’ll also stop by a party at the oft-discussed Vila Autódromo, site of a high-profile battle for over residents rights that is just a stone’s throw away from Olympic Park. My ‘Choice Words’ are about the stalwart Brazilian teachers who went on strike in Rio, and the ‘Just Stand Up’ award goes to Anthony Ervin, 35-year-old gold medalist and author of: “Chasing Water: Elegy of an Olympian.” Special thanks to our youngest guest, nine-year-old Kay, who summed up the Olympic effect on Rio so well: “It means so many things, and most of them aren’t good.”

Edge of Sports Hotline: (401) 236-3343 (EDGE). This week, we want to know: What would you do if the Olympics came to your town? Buy tickets? Volunteer? Perhaps protest?

Theresa Williamson:
Rio On Watch: |
Catalytic Communities:
Theresa on The Today Show:
Anthony Ervin:
Ervin’s book:
Ervin wins gold in the 50-freestyle:
Column:  Teachers and Students Occupy Schools in the Shadow of Olympic Rio

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Live from Olympic Rio: O Bom, O Mau, O Feio. Guests: Jules Boykoff & Stephanie Reist


(photo by Jules Boykoff)

We are in Olympic Rio shining light on the dark corners of these games. First up: Jules Boykoff, a razor-sharp critic of sports culture and the author of “Power Games: A Political History of the Olympics.” Then, Stephanie Reist, a PhD candidate from Duke, based in Rio and writing about the Rio suburbs for the essential site ’Choice Words’ is a column about the intoxicating nature of the Olympics - and resistance to them. The ‘Just Stand Up’ award goes to Gabby Douglas in response to utterly inane criticism of this great athlete. Finally, we share messages from you, our listeners, left on our our Edge of Sports hotline: 401-236-3343 (EDGE.) We asked: were you still going to watch the Olympics, or had the controversies dampened your excitement? Thank you to Sam, Toby, Jacob, Andy and Candace. This week, the question is: what during the Olympics has inspired you, and why?

Boykoff: | |
Reist: |
Column: “Olympic Joy in the Face of Erasure”…face-of-erasure/
Edge of Sports Hotline: (401) 236-3343 (EDGE) | | | email

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The Olympics and the Battle for Rio’s Future

This is our first 2016 Olympics edition of the Edge of Sports podcast, and it is a news making edition of the show. I am just back from Rio de Janeiro snd the show reflects this in rather dramatic fashion. I sat down face to face with the mayor of Rio Eduardo Paes for a no holds barred discussion about the Olympics, displacement, and corruption and whether Rio is ready to host the games. THEN I sit down with Rio-based activist Theresa Williamson from Catalytic Communities and Theresa does a point-by-point rebuttal to Mayor Paes. Then I have some Choice Words about the Zika virus and the removal of Brazil’s President Dilma Rousseff. And lastly the Just Stand Up award to the independent journalists of

Eduardo Paes: |
Theresa Williamson:
Rio On Watch: |
Catalytic Communities: |
Column: Don’t Move the Olympics, Protest Them
See more videos from Dave in Brazil:

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Cover photo: Tasso Marcelo (AFP)

Roger Waters and The Occupation of the American Mind

This week, an extensive interview with Pink Floyd founder Roger Waters on Israel, Palestine, US politics, and the power of music. We also discuss the role of sports in these ongoing discussions. The impetus for this interview was a new documentary that Waters narrates called The Occupation of the American Mind" put out by the Media Education Foundation.  I also have some choice words about traveling to Rio - where I will be when you are listening to this pod - to look at the pre-Olympic planning. Will report back! Lastly, our Just Stand Up Award goes to the resistors on the ground in Rio, still standing up for working people in the face of the Olympics.

The Occupation of the American Mind: | |

Roger Waters: | |

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Despite heavy hearts due to the passing of Prince, we are honored to welcome one of the most prominent journalists of our time, co-founder of The Intercept, Glenn Greenwald. We speak to Greenwald primarily about the political crisis roiling Brazil and the effect it could have on the 2016 Summer Olympics… as well as the effect the Olympics could have on this political crisis. Greenwald is based in Rio and his recent writings on this subject are vital for anyone seeking to understand what is happening, with the Games less than 100 days away. Dave also pays a heartfelt tribute to Prince, reading a column about what it meant to go to college in the Twin Cities, the place Prince ruled. And sure enough, our ‘Just Stand Up’ award is to his Purple Highness for turning the 2007 Super Bowl on its head.

Column: Good Night, Sweet Prince: The death of the musical legend has me reeling, and remembering vividly what it was like the one time I was in his presence. | | | email us:

Music by Prince and Morris Day & The Time. This episode is dedicated to the memory of Prince Rogers Nelson. We love you, and we we will never forget you nor your contribution to the world.

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