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Despite heavy hearts due to the passing of Prince, we are honored to welcome one of the most prominent journalists of our time, co-founder of The Intercept, Glenn Greenwald. We speak to Greenwald primarily about the political crisis roiling Brazil and the effect it could have on the 2016 Summer Olympics… as well as the effect the Olympics could have on this political crisis. Greenwald is based in Rio and his recent writings on this subject are vital for anyone seeking to understand what is happening, with the Games less than 100 days away. Dave also pays a heartfelt tribute to Prince, reading a column about what it meant to go to college in the Twin Cities, the place Prince ruled. And sure enough, our ‘Just Stand Up’ award is to his Purple Highness for turning the 2007 Super Bowl on its head.

Column: Good Night, Sweet Prince: The death of the musical legend has me reeling, and remembering vividly what it was like the one time I was in his presence. | | | email us:

Music by Prince and Morris Day & The Time. This episode is dedicated to the memory of Prince Rogers Nelson. We love you, and we we will never forget you nor your contribution to the world.

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