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Student Athletes vs. Nike Sweatshops: Isabelle Teare of Georgetown Sailing & W. Kamau Bell of ‘United Shades of America’


This week, a show for all the student-athletes, student-activists, and the advocates like us who cheer them on. Isabelle Teare is a member of the Georgetown University Sailing Team. She’s also a leader in ‘Athletes and Advocates for Workers,’ a movement that’s pressured Georgetown’s administration and athletic department to confront Nike sweatshop abuses. Despite the school’s long and entwined relationship with Nike, Teare and her cohort are winning. Then, comedian W. Kamau Bell has a new CNN program, ‘United Shades of America,’ debuting Sunday at 10 Eastern. We will find out why he is interviewing Klansmen on deserted country roads and what the mission is of this altogether original show. Then, a column read about Steph Curry’s small- but significant- stand against anti-LGBT legislation in North Carolina. Finally, our ‘Just Stand Up’ award comes in defense of Cardale Jones, a man who deserves nothing but a larger platform for his critical views of big time college football. We thank our intern Dustin Foote for all his dedicated work over the last few months. This episode is dedicated to the memory of Prince Rogers Nelson. We will have a full tribute to Prince on next week’s show.

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